By Abhishek Chaudhary Published 2020-06-06 Every page on is a different web experiment. Some pages are games and some are interactive articles. The site has been viewed millions of times and has been used in schools. If you're feeling a little lacking in creativity, perspective, or even just good old goofy fun, do yourself a favor and visit The creation of one Neal Agarwal, presents itself as being "for people with too much time" and offers several interactive experiences, all ranging from the educational to the wacky. Want to draw famous logos by hand and then compare them to the original? Want a scrolling visual representation of the depth of the ocean? Or maybe you're curious as to how far we moved in space while I wrote this sentence? (hint: it's far). For real though, the site will put a smile on your face and offers more than enough presentations to bring you back the next time you want to draw your island or spend Bill Gates' Money.

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